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Locherber Cosmetics in the USA

LOCHERBER’s centenarian tradition is addressed to a more natural world, where all creatures, animals included, can live in full harmony according to the more ethical laws.

Over the past century the Locherber family has established the highest standards for gathering and processing selected herbs and plants, that deliver beauty and vitality to the skin.

Lotum Antiwrinkle Cream

Specially formulated to restore moisture, firmness and elasticity, this cream helps cancel the premature signs of ageing, remodelling the contours of the face and smoothing wrinkles.

Lotum contains the latest discovery in beauty care, Hexapeptide, able to control muscle contraction, reducing expression lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements.

This intensive treatment has immediate smoothing effects which result in firmer, toned skin with new vitality.

Hypnotic Viper Cream

A new technology for amazing results never seen before! A peptide simulating the poison of a viper, together with hyaluronic acid, reduces appearance of wrinkles in a remarkable way, maintaining the skin supple and firm.

Natural extracts of Shea butter, Rose hip oil and Plantain stimulating collagen production, are very important for the regeneration and the restoring of the skin, thus keeping it young and elastic.

B.T.Y. Plumping Vegetal Cream pH 6.4

This revolutionary biotechnological anti-ageing complex neutralizes micro-cutaneous tension and expression lines. Thanks to its patented B.T.Y complex, from the very first applications, the skin appears more compact and extraordinarily elastic, as the cream “plumps out” existing wrinkles and combats the formation of expression lines.

Plumping action -Thanks to the presence of Argireline®, a patented ingredient based on molecules of vegetal extraction that reduces muscular and micro-cutaneous tension without side effects. It also helps to prevent lines and wrinkles produced by facial expression.

Repair action – Thanks to its natural extracts of Sea Duckthorn, Helichrysum, Cogon Grass,Saxifrage and Palm Oil, which nourish and protect the skin from external aggression and free radicals, and Bisabolol with its powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, in addition to sun filters that work as “city filters”.

Elasticising action – Deep and long lasting hydration thanks to Apricot seed Oil which leaves the skin soft, smooth and compact.

B.T.Y Intensive Repulping Serum pH 6

For an incredible instant plumping result. This new, exclusive patented complex, thanks to Argireline®, a unique ingredient based on molecules of vegetal extraction, is designed to neutralize the cutaneous micro-tensions responsible for wrinkles and expression lines, stimulating and reinforcing the elasticity of the skin.

Day after day the skin will appear more elastic, toned and visibly younger. Lines and wrinkles smooth away, the skin is reborn.

Couperose 24 hours Cream pH 6.1

Sunlight, changes in temperature, overheated environments, air conditioning and air pollution are the main enemies and primary causes of this anti-aesthetic condition, particularly when the skin is sensitive, thin, pale and delicate with Couperose. The applied cream creates a protective barrier that reinforces the skin’s defences during the day, regenerating skin’s self-defense during the nightly rest. The various plant extracts work in synergy, stimulating the peripheral microcirculation of the capillaries, increasing their resistance to external attack.

DNA 24 Hour Cream pH 6.1

This special formula contains vegetal DNA ingredients that bring immediate radiance and highly effective moisture to dry, stressed skins. Refreshing and hydrating, helps prevent dullness and creepiness from first applications. It brings a new brightness and protection to the skin surface, leaves your skin supple, firmer, toned-up and shine-free.

A scientifically advanced cream able to give the support structure of the skin “new vital energy”. Exploiting to their best advantage the active ingredients of Red Algae and Asian Centella, along with Vegetal Oils of Macadamia and Evening Primrose, this cream offers an extremely effective treatment for tired, dry skin.

The added benefits of Vitamin A and E plus the Extract of Wheat germ give the skin elasticity and visibly firm it from the very first applications. Easily absorbed, non-greasy

Purifying Gel pH 5.8

Skin cleansing is always recommended but becomes absolutely indispensable in the presence of excessive oily skin secretions. This special gel is a perfect solution to foam away the remains of the day (facial dirt and oil, sun-screens and blemish-causing bacteria). Its natural antiseptic ingredients work to clear and prevent blemishes. The effects of this product, used daily, are to soften, restore, purify and soothe, with its toning, antiseptic and regulating properties.

Super Mallow Day Cream pH 6.2

The curative powers of Mallow have been well known since ancient times. Today its active ingredients, together with other specific elements contained in this cream, form an excellent revitalizing, softening and smoothing treatment. It not only increases the moisture levels of the skin, but also.
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